Echoes: a tribute to Pink Floyd with AC / ND

Echoes: a tribute to Pink Floyd with AC / ND

Fri, May 3, 2013

Doors: 10:00 pm / Show: 10:30 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)

North Door Main Stage

Austin, TX


Tickets Available at the Door

This event is 18 and over

Make rock and roll symbols with your fingers and wave them above your heads! First up is North Door's all-staff all-Bon Scott-era AC / DC tribute -- AC / ND. Then Austin's tribute to Pink Floyd, Echoes, makes you feel like you're trippin balls.

Every show starts the same way... we clock in. We are the house AC/DC band at a live music venue called ND .

We play AC/DC songs from the Bon Scott era. We work at ND. We can't always bartend, card people at the door, run sound and do the booking ALL the time. Sometimes we gotta boogie.

If you want us to play your club... you're gonna have to put us on payroll. Tax forms and everything, just talk to our agent.

Nick Roseman: vox
Nathan Singleton: Angus
Michael Anthony Gibson: Angus
Will Evans: bass
Mike Henry: drums

Questionable tasks performed for well under market price.
Venue Information:
North Door Main Stage
502 Brushy St.
Austin, TX, 78702